Over the course of the next year I will aim to set up themed classes, focusing on a particular specialism. We will look at artists of that medium / genre, discuss this history, and create a piece in that style. Throughout the class I will be there to assist and guide you in your art piece.

If people are interested in booking weekly classes or courses over a period of time, this is something I am looking into, so please email me with your interest.


Classes do not require any artistic experience. It is about giving it a go and opening up that inner creative. There are tips and techniques I can give to help you create something you never thought was possible. The main goal however is to have fun.


If you are wishing to book a private group class for a  friends brithday, work event, or just to get your pals together for some creative fun, I would be happy to help. We can hold upto 8 in my studio, or more if we look at another location for the class. There are lots of options on what we do in the art class so feel free to contact me to discuss it further.